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Price Regulations

Valid from 1 February 2024 4

These regulations apply to all means of transport operated by Brakar. There is no guarantee for available spaces.

All travellers who have tickets adjusted for social or age-related limitations must document their entitlement to tickets of this kind through picture ID or any other valid type of documentation. Valid proof of age: passport, driving licence, national identity card, bank card with photo, and birth certificate (children only) are all accepted as valid identification.

Supplementary Fees When Paying with Cash

If you buy a single ticket or a season pass on a bus or at one of our ticket outlets, you will be charged a supplementary fee of 20 NOK for a single ticket and for a 7- or 30-day pass. On route 200 (Hønefoss – Oslo), the supplementary fees are 20 NOK for a single ticket and 100 NOK for a season pass.

Travel Card

Brakar offers two types of travel cards: Brakar Travel Card (Reisekort) and Brakar Youth Card (Ungdomskort). The first time you buy a travel card, you will be charged a card issuing fee of 50 NOK. These cards are not personal, and you can have two different ticket products on each card. However only one active season ticket can be on the travel card at a time. If there are two season tickets on the card, the second season ticket will start when the first one expires. You can use pay-as-you-go credit to purchase single tickets even if a season ticket is active on the card.

Forgotten Travel Card

If you have forgotten your travel card, youth card, travel documents or smartphone, you will have to pay for your current journey. Special rules apply for school bus passes.


You can register your travel card on, anc receive the following benefits:

  • Summary of card transactions
  • Access to travel card balance
  • Refund in case card is lost (see refunds).

Pay-as-you-go Credit and other Municipalities

You can use the pay-as-you-go credit on your Brakar travel card to pay for your ticket with other bus companies as long as they allow for purchases from the bus driver.

App: Brakar Billett

Brakar offers both travel passes and single tickets via a smartphone app. All standard price regulations apply.

Travellers must purchase tickets before boarding. The smartphone ticket becomes active as soon as you press “Confirm”.

When boarding, simply present your smartphone (showing the app) to the driver. Travellers are obliged to give the driver sufficient time to read the ticket. Press “Inspection” before showing the ticket to the driver. This also applies during ticket inspections.

Power Supply/Technical Errors in the App

When using tickets via the smartphone app, travellers are personally responsible for ensuring that there is sufficient power/battery life in the phone. Travellers who cannot display a valid ticket will be required to pay the standard price for their journey. In the event of technical errors in the app, travellers will not be charged for their journey.

No Network Coverage

Some phones display the word “Disconnected” in the top right-hand corner if there is no network coverage. If the ticket shows a valid date and time, the ticket will nevertheless be “valid”. The ticket must still show the day’s picture.

Buying Tickets to Others

In the Brakar Billett app, you can purchase a ticket and send it to someone else. in this case the ticket will be available for download for 21 days. If the ticket is not activated within that period, the ticket cost will be refunded to the purchaser and the ticket is cancelled. Once the recipient has downloaded the ticket, they can choose the start time themselves within 21 days from the time of purchase.

Entur and Vy

Single tickets and season tickets for Brakar’s routes can also be purchased through the apps Entur or Vy. However, Entur does not sell our Youth ticket or tickets for route 200, and Vy does not sell the Youth ticket or tickets for route 169 or 200.

School Cards

Pupils in primary, lower secondary and upper secondary schools who are entitled to free transport are issued school bus cards. These cards are personal and may not be used by other people. The cards can only be used for travel twice per school day, including transfers. School bus cards are valid on any route it would be natural to take on the way to and from school. If a pupil wants to go to a friend’s house after school, for example, this is allowed within the zone – depending on bus capacity. School bus cards may only be used until 17:00 on school days, and are not valid on weekends or school hollidays.

Lost/Forgotten School Bus Cards

Pupils who do not have their bus cards with them may still travel to school free of charge. They will be asked to contact the school to arrange a temporary travel document, and the school must then obtain new cards for the pupils in question. Temporary passes issued by the school must be used for the journey home from school that same day.


Pupils from Røyken and Hurum, who have Brakar school cards with a Ruter sticker may travel on Ruter buses as well. School bus passes issued by Ruter can be used on Brakar buses in the Drammen zone.


Pupils with Brakar’s school card can travel on Innlandstrafikk’s route 113 Jevnaker – Hønefoss. School cards from Innlandstrafikk can be used on Brakar’s route 221 Hønefoss – Jevnaker, and transfer within the arrival zone.

Vestfold and Telemark

Pupils with Brakar school cards can travel on VKT’s buses on route 93 Svelvik – Sande – Svelvik, 96 Sande – Drammen, and route 430 Kongsberg – Svarstad. Pupils with tickets from VKT can use Brakar’s route 91 Svelvik – Drammen and continue their journey with a transfer in the Drammen or Svelvik zone.

Single tickets


From the age of 18 and above, the adult fare is applicable.

Children and Pensioners

From the age of 6 until the age of 18, child fare is applicable, which means 50% of the adult single ticket fare, rounded up to the nearest whole krone. Child and senior discounts can not combined with other discounts.

Pensioner tickets cost 50% of the price of a full adult ticket, rounded up to the nearest whole krone. Pensioner tickets are for travellers who meet at least one of the following criteria:
– Aged at least 67
– Disabled and receiving disability pension under the Norwegian National Insurance Act of 17 June 1966, No. 12, Section 8.3.
– Blind
– Spouse/partner travelling with a person who is entitled to a pensioner ticket on the basis of one of the above-mentioned criteria.

Identification from the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) proving entitlement under the above-mentioned act must be displayed, as well as another type of valid identification. Other types of pension, such as early pension, survivor’s pension and the like do not grant entitlement to a pensioner ticket.

Children and pensioners do not pay onboard extra fees.

Family Discount

Brakar operates a family discount scheme on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. This means you can bring up to four children (aged under 18) with you free of charge. To benefit from the family discount, you must be over the age of 18 and in possession of a valid adult ticket, pensioner ticket or travel pass. (Does not apply to student tickets or youth tickets).

24-Hour Ticket

The 24-hour ticket is sold at the price of 3 times the single ticket fare and allows for an unlimited number of journeys within the paid zones. The ticket is valid for 24 hours from the time of purchase. However, the ticket is not valid for travel on line 200.

Pay-as-you-go Credit

Pay-as-you-go credit can be purchased in values of whole hundreds of kroner (minimum 100 NOK). The cost of the journey is then deducted from the balance every time the ticket is used.

Payment using pay-as-you-go credit is handled in the same way as prepaid tickets and you will not be charged the on-board supplement fee (20 NOK). Using pay-as-you-go credit does not entitle the holder to extra discount when paying for children or pensioners. The holder can use the same ticket to pay for multiple travellers, as long as they are all travelling the same route.

Season Tickets

365-, 30- and 7-Day Season Tickets

Travel passes are valid for 7, 30 or 365 days from the time they were validated for the first time, and are sold at adult prices only. A travel pass is not personal, and entitles the holder to an unlimited number of journeys along the route paid for.

The 365-day period ticket is not sold onboard the bus; it can be purchased in the Brakar Billett app or at our ticket outlets.

Youth Ticket

A youth ticket is a 30-day or 365-day travel pass that is valid up to and including the day on which the holder reaches the age of 20. These tickets are valid for 30 or 365 days from the time when they were validated for the first time.

On first issue, you will be charged a travel pass fee of 50 NOK. Persons who are under the age of 20 and resident outside Buskerud can purchase youth tickets.

Youth do not pay an onboard extra fee when purchasing a youth ticket.

For transfers outside of Buskerud, it is possible to add pay-as-you-go credit to the youth card and use this to pay for travel onward with other bus companies.

The 365-day period ticket is not sold onboard the bus; it can be purchased in the Brakar Billett app or at our ticket outlets.

Area of Validity

A valid youth ticket entitles holders to unlimited travel on all of Brakar’s routes within Buskerud, including route 71 and 169. The ticket is also valid on on-demand services where such services have been established.

A valid youth ticket allows travel on local trains and short-distance regional trains within Buskerud. If a youth ticket is to be combined with a Vy ticket for further travel, a new ticket must be purchased from Lier. If a youth ticket is to be combined with Ruter’s youth ticket, a new ticket must be purchased in Asker.

Extended Youth Entitlement

Some adult students are entitled to use youth tickets until the end of the year in which they turn 24. This must be documented in the form of a letter from the educational establishment, duly stamped and signed.

Travel by Train, Express Buses and Other Public Transport Companies

Youth tickets can be used by travellers who present a travel card + validation receipt:

  • The ticket is valid for Vy lines 10, 11, 12, and 13 within Buskerud. However, the ticket is not valid on trains to/from Stavanger and Bergen.
  • From Hvittingfoss-Svarstad and from Hønefoss-Jevnaker.
  • On route 200 Hønefoss – Oslo, within Buskerud
  • In Røyken and Hurum on bus routes operated by Ruter, only with ticket in the Brakar Billett app.
  • On Vestfold Kollektivtrafikk route 93/96 Svelvik – Sande – Svelvik and Selvik skole – Drammen – Selvik skole.
  • Valdresekspressen between Hønefoss and Nes in Årdal.

Brakar Bus/Train

Customers with a Vy season ticket can purchase a combination ticket that functions as a 30- or 7-day season ticket on the bus. Brakar BussTog offers approximately 38% discount on the season ticket. The ticket is sold through Vy’s app and at our ticket outlets. However, this ticket is not valid on lines 169 and 200.

Brakar Student

The student pass grants a 40% discount on season tickets. You are entitled to a student pass if you are under the age of 30 and:

  • are studying full time at a college of further education, university, university college, academy or at a corresponding educational institution that qualifies for subsidy through the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund. Overseas students in Norway are also entitled to student discount.
  • are an apprentice/trainee working full-time as defined in section 4 of the Norwegian Education act.
  • are attending a Folk High School as a full-time student.

When purchasing and renewing student tickets, you must always present a receipt for payment of semester fees, as well as valid identification.

Apprentices must present an apprenticeship certificate. Apprenticeship certificates are available from the Vocational Training Division of Buskerud County Council.

Make sure to have proof of discount with you when you travel.

You must have a valid student card (actual card or on your smartphone) or apprentice certificate with you when you are travelling on a student ticket. If the document you present as proof does not include a photo, you must be able to present other identification to prove your identity.

Brakar 9/14

Children and employees at day cares and primary/secondary schools, and in before- and after-school programmes (SFO) (1st to 10th grade) who are travelling together, can travel free of charge between 09:00 and 14:00 on weekdays. The travellers must be in possession of Brakar travel documents. Brakar cannot guarantee seat availability.

Free Transfers

With a valid Brakar season ticket or Brakar single ticket on routes 71, 169, or 200, you travel for free with Ruter in the arrival zone/boarding zone. Free transfer to/from Ruter applies only in the first or last zone of your ticket. For example, if you have a ticket between Oslo-Lierbyen or Oslo-Hønefoss, it is not possible to get off in Sandvika along the way and transfer for free from there. If you want to travel into another zone, you must purchase a new ticket in the next zone.

For tickets on a travel card, a validation receipt or card report must always be able to be presented.

Due to different business rules, you cannot use the Brakar Youth Ticket for free transfers, but the youth ticket on route 200 Hønefoss-Oslo can be used for transfers to Ruter.

The free transfer arrangement does not apply to/from trains.

Travelling in Asker (Røyken and Hurum)

Brakar’s tickets are valid on bus routes operated by Ruter in Røyken and Hurum. However, it is not possible to purchase an additional ticket for further travel in zones within the former Akershus/Oslo area.

Travelers with Ruter tickets can purchase additional tickets for other zones in Buskerud.

Brakar tickets on travel cards are not valid on routes 251 and 261, but it is possible to pay with a Brakar travel card on buses where you can purchase a ticket from the driver.

Ruter and Vy Tickets on Route 71

All tickets purchased within Ruter’s fare and zone system (i.e., Ruter, Vy, and Entur) are valid on route 71. However, tickets on a travel card are only valid with a receipt confirming the purchase.

The ticket is valid in the app. Travelers with Ruter tickets can purchase additional tickets for zones in Buskerud.

Route 200 Hønefoss-Oslo

Route 200 has separate fares for journeys crossing the border between Buskerud and Akershus. Brakar’s fare regulations apply to internal journeys in Buskerud, while Ruter’s fare regulations apply to internal journeys in Oslo/Akershus. It is not possible to use pay-as-you-go credit from Ruter on route 200. Brakar’s youth ticket can only be used within Buskerud zones.

The ticket categories are the same as for the rest of Buskerud. Tickets can be purchased through the mobile app, both Brakar Billett and Ruter Billett, on board the bus, and at Mix Sentrum Stopp in Hønefoss. When purchasing on board or at a ticket outlet, you must pay an onboard extra fee.

Purchase of Tickets on City Buses in Drammen

Brakar does not sell season tickets or top-ups to travel cards on the city buses in Drammen. Season tickets can be purchased through the mobile app or at Brakar’s Customer Service Centre at Drammen bus station. Pay-as-you-go credit can be purchased the Customer Service Centre.

These regulations apply to route 3 through 25 and route 61 Lierbyen skole – Bera.

Travel with Others

Travels with Vestfold Kollektivtrafikk (VKT)

Brakar’s season ticket, youth ticket, school card, 24-hour ticket, single ticket, and mobile ticket are valid on Vestfold Kollektivtrafikk’s routes:

  • 93 Svelvik-Sande
  • 96 Selvik skole-Sande-Drammen bus station

Travelers with season tickets on a travel card must show the travel card/youth card together with the validation receipt. Ordinary transfer rules apply for travel outside the valid zone.

VKT’s season ticket, youth ticket, school card, and single ticket are valid on routes:

  • 92 Svelvik-Mariås
  • 98 Tangen-Berger
  • 430 Kongsberg-Svarstad

Travelers with season tickets on a travel card must show the travel card/youth card together with the validation receipt. Travelers with tickets from VKT can use Brakar’s route 91 Svelvik-Drammen and continue their journey with a transfer in the Drammen zone. Tickets will be adjusted for travel outside the Drammen zone.

Travel with Innlandstrafikk

Brakar’s season ticket, youth ticket, school card, and single ticket are valid on route 113 Jevnaker – Hønefoss. Customers should present their travel card/youth card along with the validation receipt.

Innlandstrafikk’s season ticket, youth ticket, school card, and single ticket are valid on route 221 Hønefoss – Jevnaker within the valid zone. Customers should present their travel card/youth card along with the validation receipt. For travels outside the valid zones, the ticket must be extended.

Other Regulations

Valid Ticket in the Event of Delays

If the bus is delayed and the period of validity of the ticket has expired, the ticket will remain valid up to the destination point. This also applies in the case of transfers.

Asylum Seekers and Ukrainian Refugees

By presenting an asylum seeker certificate, asylum seekers travel for free on the bus. Ukrainian refugees travel for free with a national ID card or passport. Images of these documents are not valid travel documents.

This is a pilot scheme under the auspices of the county municipality which will last until July 1st 2024. From this date, asylum seekers and refugees will need a valid ticket to travel.

National Service Conscripts

National service conscripts (corporals/privates) and civilian conscripts pay the child/pensioner price. Their identification is their uniform or ID card. For conscription journeys, the conscription order serves as valid identification.


Companions to persons with disabilities who cannot travel alone travel for free. A companion card must be presented during ticket inspection. Companion cards are issued by the municipality, and the person with disabilities receives the card.


If you use a wheelchair and are dependent on it, you can travel for free with Brakar. Remember to secure the wheelchair with the available fasteners on board.

We would like to remind you that the elevators and ramps on the buses have weight limits for safety reasons. The size and weight comply with the electric wheelchairs most commonly used today: the wheelchair’s length cannot exceed 1300 mm, and the width cannot exceed 750 mm. You are responsible for staying within these limits.

Bus with a lift: maximum 350 kg. Bus with a ramp: maximum 300 kg.


All dogs travel for free with Brakar.


Customers with pre-ordered tickets are to hand the order to the driver when boarding the bus. The driver will then issue the ticket, which is also valid for transfers.

Pre-orders are valid for single tickets in all categories: adult, child and pensioner. They cannot be used for travel passes or 24-hour tickets.


In this context “transfers” is taken to mean changing buses to continue a journey within the validity period of the ticket. The validity period depends on the route in question and is calculated as follows: 45 minutes + 30 minutes per zone paid for. All single tickets are valid for transfers. Return journeys are also defined as transfers.

Overgang innen samme sone er gratis, mens det ved sonekryssende reise må betales et tillegg. Dette gjelder også returreiser på fortsatt gyldig enkeltbillett. Tillegget vil være prisen for hele den nye reisen minus påstigningssonen.

Travellers on journeys that involve changing buses will normally pay all the way to the destination point when they board the first bus. When boarding the next bus, travellers should simply inform the driver they are making a transfer and present the ticket purchased. They should also do this when using electronic bus passes.

Supplementary Ticket

In this context, “supplementary ticket” is taken to refer to situations where a customer with a ticket wishes to make a journey that exceeds the validity of the ticket in question.

When the journey is to continue into a new zone, the traveller has to purchase a supplementary ticket for the entire distance the original ticket does not cover, and the price for one zone (the “boarding zone”, from which the transfer takes place) is then deducted from the price of the new ticket.

Brakar City Ticket (Zone 1) in the Buskerud city area cannot be combined with a supplementary ticket.

Bus Goods

It is possible to send letters/parcels by bus in Buskerud (does not apply if the route involves changing buses). Letters/parcels are divided up into the following categories:

Letters 56 NOK
Goods up to 1 kg 75 NOK
Goods up to 10 kg 85 NOK
Goods up to 30 kg 122 NOK

The sender/receiver of the goods is obliged to meet the bus promptly to drop off or collect letters/parcels sent by bus. Carrying letters/parcels does not constitute grounds for buses to wait at a stop past the stated departure time.


Luggage is carried free of charge if there is space, and must be positioned such that it does not constitute an obstacle for other people, i.e. on luggage racks, on the passenger’s lap, under a seat or in the load compartment. Luggage must not be placed in the aisle, as this serves as an emergency exit route. The driver is responsible for safety on board the bus, and is free to decide whether luggage can be carried on board the bus or stowed in the load compartment.

Dogs, Skis, Strollers, Kick-scooters, Sleds, etc.

TCarried free of charge as long as there is space.Carried free of charge as long as there is space on board.

Drivers are resonsible for safety on board the bus, and can decide whether bicycles are to be carried on board or stowed in the load compartment. Collapsible bikes are considered to be suitcases and treated as luggage.

Kick-scooters and electrical scooters that are collapsible can be carried on board.


Can be carried on board if there is space and on payment of the price of a child ticket. Travellers who often travel with a bicycle can purchase a youth ticket on their smartphones or on a travel card.

Penalty Charges/Fees

Brakar operates ticket inspection on its buses. Travellers who cannot produce a valid ticket on request will be required to pay a fine. See our Transport Regulations for more information.


Lost Card

Loss of travel cards or youth cards must be reported without delay to Brakar’ Customer Service Centre in Drammen, or at any of our other ticket outlets. Reimbursements are subject to an administration fee of 50 NOK.

Reimbursement of lost pay-as-you-go credit, season tickets and youth tickets

Reimbursement of season tickets and youth tickets is only paid to registered customers. Reimbursements are subject to an administration fee of 50 NOK.

  • No reimbursements are paid for single tickets.
  • No reimbursements are paid for 24-hour tickets.
  • 7-day ticket: You will receive a refund for the remaining days.
  • 30-day ticket: You will receive a refund for the remaining days.
  • 365-day ticket: You will receive a refund for the number of days left out of the 300 days you have paid for, not the 365 days the ticket is valid for.

The refund amount is calculated from the day we receive the refund request from you. Please note that we do not refund the travel card itself, only the ticket you have on the card.

The travel card with the ticket will be blocked and cannot be used again after the refund.

Defective Travel Card

Contact Brakar’s Customer Service Centre. Travel cards that show signs of deliberate damage will not be replaced.

Reimbursement in the Event of Sick Leave

Season tickets can only be redeemed in the validity period in the event of sick leave. A receipt for the ticket purchase and a copy of the doctor’s note must be attached.

Time Bar on Pay-as-you-go Credit

Pay-as-you-go credit that has not been used over the course of three years will be deleted and the card will be blocked.

Means of Payment

On board buses, payment is accepted in the form of our travel cards, the Brakar Billett app, the Entur app, Vy app and cash. Routes 3–25 sell single tickets for cash. The Ruter app can be used in Røyken and Hurum, and on route 71.

Route 200, route 320, some routes in Hallingdal and our ticket outlets have card readers and accept payment cards.

Refund for Cancelled Departures

If you have purchased a ticket and are unable to use it because the departure was cancelled, or there was no room for you on board, we will refund your expenses for a single ticket. We do not provide a similar refund for season tickets.

Our Ticket Outlets

  • Brakar Customer Service Centre, Drammen bus station (Jernbanegata 10)
  • Sentrum Stopp Hønefoss, Stangsgate 10, Hønefoss