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Svelvik-Verket, elektrisk ferje,  juni 2022


From January 1, 2022, Brakar took over the operation of the Svelvik-Verket ferry service. Bastø Fosen is the operator of the ferry. The ferry is electric and can accommodate 30 cars or alternatively three trucks measuring 19.5 meters and some cars. The passenger capacity is 99 people, with seating available for 60 indoors.

The crossing takes approximately 5 minutes, and passengers have the option to remain in their cars during the journey if they prefer. It is not possible to pre-book a spot on the ferry.

The ferry is universally designed in collaboration with the Norwegian Association of Disabled (Norges Handikapforbund) and the Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted (Blindeforbundet). All passenger facilities are located on one deck without stairs or elevators. On the deck, two parking spaces are reserved for people with reduced mobility, and the ferry is also equipped with an accessible toilet.

For inquiries, please contact our customer centre on phone 177.


Find the schedule for the Svelvik ferry here.

Note: When larger ships/boats with pilots pass through Svelviksundet, the ferry must wait until the ship has passed.

Prices Svelvik-Verket 2024

Price table for Svelvik-Verket, valid from January 1st 2024. (Prices include 12% VAT and are based on payment through the FerryPay agreement or by invoice).

*These prices apply to vehicles registered in the Norwegian Vehicle Register with fuel code 5 (electric) and fuel code 6 (hydrogen). Zero-emission vehicles that are registered in foreign vehicle registers must pay the ordinary full price if the vehicle’s fuel class is not registered in its own routine. Registration is done at the chip issuer if you have a chip agreement or at if you do not have a chip agreement.

Length of vehicleOrdinaryElectric*
Up to 6,0 metres4733
6,01 – 8,0 metres10955
8,01 – 10 metres16281
10,01 – 12,5 metres210105
12,51 – 14,5 metres253127
14,51 – 17,5 metres314157
17,51 – 19,5 metres345173
19,51 – 22 metres391196
Over 22 metres430215
Other classes:
MC / Moped2412
Passengers, pedestrians and cyclistsFree
Cars up to 6 m and under 3501 kg with trailer: (boat-, horse- og regular trailer, and caravan)
Total length under 6 metres4724
Total length between 6,01 and 10,0 metres9448
Total length over 10,0 metres14172

Payment and Fare Information:

Motorists can pay for the journey using the AutoPASS tag through license plate registration, with FerryPay, or receive an invoice. More information about AutoPASS payment.

For inquiries regarding AutoPASS, please contact the Central Service Provider for AutoPASS for ferries, Skyttel AS.
Phone: (+47) 55 30 00 00 (Monday – Friday from 08:00 to 15:30)

Lost and Found on the Ferry:

If you have left something behind on the ferry, please contact Bastø Fosen’s administration office in Horten on phone number 33 03 17 40 33 03 17 40.Lost and Found form.

Traffic Alerts:

If you frequently travel with the Svelvik-Verket ferry and wish to receive traffic alerts via SMS or email, you can register for notifications here.