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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you can find answers to some of the most frequent questions we are asked.

If you cannot find an answer to your question below, please contact our Customer Service Centre on phone 177. or email

Tickets and Prices

The price varies depending on the distance you are traveling and the type of ticket you wish to purchase. Use the journey planner on the front page to check the details for your trip, or check our price table.

You have several options to purchase a ticket:

  • You can pay with cash on board with the driver. Please note that there is an onboard extra fee of 20 NOK when paying by cash (not applicable to children/senior citizens).
  • You can buy a ticket in one of these apps: Brakar Billett, Entur, Vy.
  • You can use a pay-as-you-go travel card, which can be topped up either with the driver (not on city buses in Drammen), at the Customer Service Centre in Drammen, or the Mix Sentrum Stopp kiosk in Hønefoss.

In the Buskerudbyen area (which includes the municipalities of Lier, Drammen, Øvre Eiker, and Kongsberg), single tickets are sold as city tickets at a reduced price. The lower price in the Buskerudbyen area is funded through additional reward funds that were approved by the government in the fall of 2019.

Paying with cash to the driver takes time, and the onboard extra fee of 20 NOK is a measure to improve the punctuality of public transportation. By using faster payment methods like apps or travel cards, it’s easier for the driver to be on schedule. Children and senior citizens are exempt from the onboard extra fee.

A single ticket is valid for 45 minutes + 30 minutes per zone you’ve paid for.

Children under 6 years old travel for free. From 6 to 18 years old, the child fare applies. The youth ticket (30 or 365 days) is valid until the age of 20. For children over 6 years old who travel frequently, as well as students under 20, we recommend purchasing the youth ticket.

On Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, Brakar offers a family discount. You can bring up to four children under 18 years old for free. To use the family discount, you must have a valid adult, senior, or season ticket and be over 18 years old. (This does not apply to student tickets and youth tickets).

A Youth Ticket is a 30- or 365-day season ticket that can be used from the age of 6 up to the age of 20. The ticket can be purchased in the Brakar Billett app or loaded onto a travel card. It’s valid on all of Brakar routes (exceptions on route 200) and on local trains within Buskerud.

Read more about the youth ticket.

Brakar offers a 40% student discount on season tickets. Read more about the student discount.


A travel card is a card that can hold either a season ticket or pay-as-you-go money for individual trips.

When using the travel card as a pay-as-you-go card, you load a self-selected amount (minimum 100 NOK) onto it, which you then use to pay for your ticket with the driver. You can add money to the card on the bus (except for city buses in Drammen), at the Customer Service Centre in Drammen, or at the Mix Sentrum Stopp kiosk in Hønefoss.

If you have your season ticket on a travel card, you scan it with the driver when boarding. Season tickets can also be purchased in the Brakar Billett app.

If you have registered your travel card, you can contact our Customer Service Centre on phone 177, and we will assist you. If you have not registered your card, the card will be considered lost, and you will need to purchase a new one.

You can request a card check from the driver on the bus. If this still shows a balance of 0 NOK, please call the Customer Service Centre on phone 177, and we can check the balance on the card.

A transfer refers to transferring from one bus to another for further travel within the valid period of the ticket. The validity duration depends on the travel distance and is calculated as follows: 45 minutes + 30 minutes per zone paid for. All single tickets are valid for transfers. A return trip is also considered a transfer. Transfers within the same zone are free, but for journeys crossing different zones, an additional fee must be paid. This fee is calculated as the price for the entire new journey minus the fare for the boarding zone.

Travel information

Bus times can be checked in various places: Use our journey planner on the homepage, the Brakar Reise app, or the Entur app.

You can check the timetables on the website or at the bus stop.

We also offer a real-time feature that displays the actual bus departure times, available in the Brakar Reise app, Brakar Billett app, and on the homepage.

There can be many reasons for delays, including heavy traffic, accidents, or challenging weather conditions.

From the point of departure, we define a bus as delayed three minutes after the scheduled departure time. During the journey, passengers should generally accept delays of 1-5 minutes, especially during the morning and afternoon when there is usually more traffic on the roads.

We continuously monitor the punctuality of our network, but feel free to contact us at if you experience recurring delays of over five minutes on your route.

You can track the location of your bus using the real-time feature in the “Brakar Billett” app, “Brakar Reise” app, or by using the real time function in the journey planner the homepage.

If the bus is delayed by more than 20 minutes, you may have the right to compensation for alternative transportation. Learn more about our travel guarantee here.


Delays during rush hours vary from day to day. Monday traffic can be heavy and lead to significant delays, while traffic flows more smoothly on Thursdays. Several days a week, especially during the summer months, buses have to wait at bus stops along the route to avoid departing ahead of schedule. Adjusting the schedules could make the buses slightly more punctual, but it wouldn’t shorten the travel time, and buses might end up waiting more often.

Another reason for maintaining fixed intervals throughout the day is that it’s more predictable and easier for our passengers to remember. If the schedules vary throughout the day, passengers would have to deal with multiple different times, making them more reliant on the timetables.

The costs of adjusting the schedules present a challenge as well. It would be expensive to adjust all of our routes by about five minutes during rush hours. This would require funding from county politicians. Additionally, the benefit for passengers would be small since travel times wouldn’t be reduced and there wouldn’t be more bus departures to choose from.

Instead of adjusting the schedules during rush hour, we would prefer the county council to allocate funds towards measures that improve traffic flow, such as establishing dedicated bus lanes and implementing bus priority at traffic lights.

Furthermore, we are considering the possibility of adding more bus departures on routes where significant delays occur during rush hours. The real-time tracking system also makes bus travel more predictable, as passengers can see the exact arrival time of the bus on their mobile devices before leaving home.

Buses can wait for other modes of transport for up to five minutes. The reason they can’t wait longer is that if there’s a traffic accident or something else blocking one bus, those waiting for the next bus shouldn’t be negatively affected. Therefore, bus number two waits for up to five minutes before proceeding, ensuring passengers aren’t adversely impacted by delays on the route.

Either it didn’t stop because you didn’t signal clearly to the bus by extending your hand, or the bus was already at full capacity.

If you believe this wasn’t the case, please send us a message at, specifying the bus stop, route, and departure time. We will investigate what might have happened.

You can bring a wheelchair, but not a scooter.

Wheelchair users travel for free, but note that there are weight limitations for wheelchairs. In buses with a lift, the maximum weight is 350 kg, and in buses with a ramp, it’s 300 kg. The wheelchair cannot exceed 130 cm in length and 75 cm in width.

Scooters cannot be brought on board as they are difficult to secure on the bus.

Yes, as long as there’s space on the bus, you can bring these items on board. The driver has the final say.

Bringing a bicycle requires a child ticket, while a folded-up scooter can be brought for free.

Dogs are always welcome on our buses. They travel for free. Just make sure the dog is on the floor or in a carrier if you’re holding it.

Luggage can be brought on board for free if there’s space, and it should be placed in a way that doesn’t obstruct others, such as in the luggage rack, on your lap, under the seat, or in the bus’s storage compartment. Luggage must not be placed in the aisle, which is an emergency exit. Drivers are responsible for onboard safety and will decide whether luggage should be carried inside the bus or in the storage compartment.

Yes, as long as there are no bus transfers on the route where the package is being sent. Read more about sending a package by bus.

All buses with installed seat belts (not city buses) should have at least one three-point car seat available for use. However, it’s first-come, first-served, so if your child relies on a car seat, we recommend bringing one along yourself.

In buses equipped with seat belts, it is mandatory to use them. However, certain buses, like city buses for example, are not required to have installed seat belts. They are also not allowed to exceed 70 km/h.

Brakar Billett App

  • Open the app and do the following:
    1. Click “New ticket.”
    2. Select the ticket type: Single ticket or season ticket. Here, you can also choose to buy a ticket for someone else.
    3. After choosing the ticket type, you need to select your travel destination. You can either enter the departure and arrival stops or choose “Zones” and click on the zone map that appears. In the same window, select the traveler.
    4. Tap “Next” to proceed to the payment window. Here, you can (before making the payment) change the starting time for the ticket if you wish. Under “Form of payment,” you can choose whether to pay with a debit/credit card or with Vipps. Then, press “Purchase ticket”


If you want a receipt for each purchase, you can enter your email address under “Settings.” You can choose which types of tickets you want receipts for.

You can also manually retrieve receipts for expired tickets after the purchase. On Android, go to “Expired/Retrieved Ticket.” On iPhone, select “More” in the menu, then “Expired Tickets.” Tap on the ticket for which you want a receipt, and then choose “Receipt” below the ticket. Enter your email address, and you will receive the receipt.

We recommend receiving receipts automatically via email. The receipt contains important information that you will need if you lose your ticket. This can happen if, for example, you change/lose your mobile device, delete the app, or reset to factory settings.

Unless you are purchasing a ticket from the driver, you must have a valid ticket before you board.

Your phone must be connected to the internet when purchasing the ticket. Your phone also needs an internet connection if there is a ticket inspection, unless today’s image and control code are already downloaded on your mobile device.

The single ticket, 24-hour ticket, 7-day, 30-day, and 365-day ticket can be purchased up to seven days in advance.

You choose when the ticket should be activated in the “Purchase Ticket” window. The ticket will be automatically activated at the time you have chosen. You can change the starting time up to three times. Tickets that have not been activated can be canceled in the app.

No, it is not possible to have the same ticket on multiple mobile devices simultaneously.

You can purchase tickets for your entire travel group and have all the tickets on one mobile device. In this case you will need to travel together in order to be able to show the tickets during a ticket inspection.

If you are not traveling together, you can still purchase a ticket in your app and then send it to someone else’s phone. To do so, go to “New ticket” and select “Purchase for another”. The ticket can then be sent as an SMS to another phone, but please note that the recipient must have a smartphone and have the Brakar Billett app installed.

When using a ticket in the mobile app, you are responsible for having your phone with you and ensuring it has sufficient battery power. If you cannot show a valid ticket, you must purchase one from the driver.

Tickets that have not been activated yet can be canceled in the app. If you encounter difficulties canceling the ticket yourself or if you’ve purchased a ticket for the wrong person, please contact our customer service centre on 177, and we will assist you.

Have your Brakar app ID ready. You can find it under “Settings.”

If there is a known technical issue with the app preventing its use, you will be able to travel on the bus. However, if this issue only pertains to your phone or if your battery is dead, for example, you will need to purchase a new ticket. It is the passenger’s responsibility to have a valid ticket and be able to present it, whether the app is functioning or not.

If the ticket has been downloaded and activated, it is considered in use. Tickets that have not been activated, you can cancel yourself.

We typically do not offer refunds for single tickets, but there are some exceptions. When requesting a refund for a season ticket, you can receive a refund from the day you contact us. There is also an administration fee of 50 NOK deducted from the amount.

If you have the Brakar app ID from your old phone or you have registered your phone number in the app, you will be able to restore your ticket yourself. You can do this by going to settings, then “Restore Previous App,” and then choose either from the app ID or from the phone number:

If you don’t have the app ID or haven’t registered your phone number in the app, it is still possible to retrieve your ticket, but you will need to contact our customer service on phone number 177 so we can assist you.

Here’s how to find your app ID:

  1. Open the menu in the app.
  2. Go to “Settings.”
  3. Scroll all the way down on the page.
  4. There, you’ll find the app ID consisting of ten digits or letters (xxxx-xxxx-xx).

Have you lost your phone or deleted the app? You can find the app ID for the old app on the receipts you’ve received via email when you’ve purchased tickets. Don’t have the receipt? Contact our customer service centre on 177, and we will assist you in finding your app ID. The only information we need from you is some details about the payment method for your ticket purchase.

When do you need the app ID?

  1. When transferring a 7-day, 30-day, or 365-day ticket to a new app or mobile.
  2. When contacting us about an error message to help us assist you more effectively.

Remember that the app ID is unique to your phone. Therefore, never disclose your app ID on Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms where others can read it. Contact us on 177 if you need to provide your app ID.

In the Brakar Billett app, you have the option to check actual departure times (in real-time). You can access this feature in two ways within the app:

  1. On iPhone, click “Departure Times” in the bottom menu bar. On Android, select the menu and then “Departure Times.” Next, choose the bus stop you are departing from. This will display the upcoming departures from that bus stop. You can mark your favorite route(s) by tapping on the star icon.
  2. Once you have marked one or more favorite routes as described above, you can find the next departures for these lines by accessing your active ticket in the app. Scroll down past the ticket to see the departure times.

School Transport

There are different rules depending on whether you are a student in primary school or in secondary education.

Those entitled to transport in primary school are:

  • Pupils in grade 1 who live more than 2 kilometers from the school
  • Pupils in grades 2–10 who live more than 4 kilometers from the school
  • Pupils who have a particularly dangerous or difficult route to school
  • Pupils with special needs documented with a doctor’s certificate/expert opinion

Those entitled to transport in upper secondary education are:

  • Students who live more than 6 kilometers from their school and reside outside the dispensation area.
  • Students with special needs documented with a doctor’s certificate/expert opinion

Note that the distance is measured as the shortest walkable route between home and school, not the driving route or the bus route. If the student or parents disagree with the measurement, they can appeal. If there are errors in this measurement, please contact

In primary school, the schools apply on behalf of the pupils. In upper secondary school (high school), the students themselves apply through the Student Portal. Students applying for transport due to medical reasons should apply through the school.

Decisions on school transport are individual decisions according to the Norwegian Public Administration Act. The decision on school transport is valid for one school year at a time. You must reapply before each school year, and a new decision will be made.

Conditions and abilities can change over time. An updated medical certificate must be submitted with all new applications for school transport to have sufficient information to make an individual decision.

Children whose parents do not live together are entitled to transport between home and school to/from both parents’ home addresses when the parents have shared daily care. It is assumed that the child meets the transport requirement for the address to which transport is applied. There should be predictability in where the child lives so that it is possible to plan the transport, for example, every other week or two weeks at a time with each of the parents. Furthermore, it must be possible to organize a rational transport in terms of travel time and economy. If this is not possible, the student will be denied school transport.

The Viken County Municipality has been granted an exemption from the main rule of free school transport for high school students living in Drammen, Lier, Øvre Eiker, Modum, Hole, Ringerike, and Kongsberg. Students living in these areas must purchase a youth card themselves.

You apply for transport through the Student Portal. Please contact if you cannot find your school in the Student Portal.

You can purchase a youth card, which is valid on all Brakar’s routes (except route 200 outside Buskerud) until the year you turn 20. Children from the age of 6 can purchase the youth card, and it will be cheaper than buying a 30-day season ticket for children. Read more about the youth card.

Students entitled to free school transport receive an electronic school card. They receive this at the school they attend.

The card can be used for 2 journeys per school day with any transfers according to regular transfer rules. One journey to school and one journey to the residence. If the student chooses to go home with a friend after school within the zone, it is okay to use the card, but it depends on capacity. The card can be used between 06:00 and 17:00 (departure time of the bus). The card is not valid for travel on weekends and school holidays.

The card is personal and cannot be lent to others.

Forgotten school card:

Pupils who have forgotten their school card should be allowed to travel by bus to school on the first day. For the return journey from school, the student must show a temporary travel permit issued by the school.

Lost/damaged school card:

If you have lost or damaged the school card, you will need to notify the school immediately so that a new card can be issued. The school will issue a temporary travel permit. You should normally receive a new card within two weeks. Pupils who have lost or damaged their school card should be allowed to travel by bus to school on the first day. For the return journey from school, the pupil must show a temporary travel permit.

For students in high school:

The school card is free of charge when issued for the first time. When ordering a new school card for students in high school, a fee of 250 NOK per card is imposed. The fee must be paid before the new card is issued. For more information, please contact the administration at your school.

Students who use the bus to get to school  and need to go home during the school day can use their school card on another bus departure. For students who travel by taxi, alternative transportation must be arranged by the parents/guardians. The timing of the taxi transport cannot be changed, it can only be cancelled. Please inform the taxi that the return transport is cancelled if the parents/guardians pick up the student during the day.

Ticket Inspection and Fines

The ticket inspectors have payment terminals so that you can pay with a debit/credit card on the spot. If you are unable to or prefer not to pay on the spot, you will receive an invoice with an account number and payment information sent to you by mail. The payment deadline is 14 days, and if the invoice is not paid by the first reminder, it will be sent to debt collection.

If you are using a mobile phone ticket, it must be activated before you board the bus for it to be valid.

If you are using a travel card/youth card, this must be validated at the ticket machine to be valid.

As long as the ticket is valid when you board, you do not need to purchase a new ticket. However, if you plan to switch to a different route after the ticket has expired, you will need to buy a new ticket.

When you buy a ticket on your mobile phone, you must pay for it before boarding.

If you have a valid ticket but lack valid proof that you are entitled to a student, senior, or youth discount, you will receive a fine during a ticket inspection.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you can present your ticket during an inspection, which includes making sure your phone has enough battery and data. If you had internet or mobile data when you purchased the ticket, you will still have access to the ticket in the app.

If there is a service disruption in the ticket app, our ticket inspectors and drivers will be notified, and you will be allowed to board the bus.

If the ticket app is down and you are unable to obtain a valid ticket through other means, you will not receive a fine.

In certain error situations, you will receive an error message in the app that grants you permission to board for 30 minutes. You need to show this message to the driver and, if needed, to the ticket inspectors.

Yes. You must always have your ticket with you when you travel, otherwise you will receive a fine in a ticket inspection. All our tickets, whether on mobile or travel cards, are non-personal and can be lent to others. Therefore, you cannot come and show a valid ticket after an inspection, as it is not possible to prove whether your travel card was left at home or used by someone else. This applies even if you have registered the travel card.

If the ticket machine is out of order and it’s not possible to obtain a valid ticket through other means during the journey, you will not receive a fine.