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People waiting for a bus at Drammen bus station.

Travel Guarantee

The travel guarantee commits us to do our best to ensure you arrive on time. If, however, delays or other failures in public transport occur, we will refund you for expenses related to alternative transportation if you are delayed by more than:

  • 20 minutes on journeys lasting less than 1 hour, by up to 550 NOK.
  • 40 minutes on journeys lasting 1-3 hours, by up to 825 NOK.
  • 60 minutes on journeys lasting more than 3 hours, by up to 1100 NOK.

To apply for a refund, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. You need to make your claim within 30 days of the incident.

Note that the refund applies up to the given amount – this means you will not receive more than your actual expenses.

The travel guarantee applies to single trips and when you have transfers on your journey. You must calculate sufficient transfer time and, if necessary, extra walking time where there is no fixed connection.

The travel guarantee does not apply to ferries, but if something unusual happens, we will try to assist. In that case, please contact us at 177.

When does the travel guarantee not apply?

If we have given information about the delay in advance, the guarantee does not apply.

It does not cover consequential damages, such as expenses for a dentist, business arrangements, flights, or similar.

The guarantee does not apply in cases of events like strikes or similar, natural disasters, extraordinary weather conditions (heavy snowfall, floods, landslides, etc.), roadwork and unforeseen traffic conditions, or major events that significantly impact public transportation.

Using your own car

For reimbursement of mileage allowance, only the driver can submit a claim if multiple people travel together. The guarantee does not cover expenses for tolls, parking, and similar.

From February 1, 2016, this travel guarantee applies to all of Brakar’s routes. The guarantee is in accordance with the national travel guarantee.

Overview of the Bus Passenger Rights Regulation’s Significance for Public Transportation in Norway.