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Brakar and the Transparency Act

Brakar as a Buyer

Brakar plans, co-ordinates, orders and markets the public transport services in Buskerud. We don’t own any buses ourselves, as all transport is carried out by operating companies that run on contract following a competitive tender. It is the operators who purchase the material necessary to fullfil the contracts. This applies to all purchases, such as buses, tires and uniforms. The bus drivers are also employed by the operator.

Requirements in the Competition Phase

Brakar has included requirements in its competitions that suppliers are obliged to comply with Brakar’s Action Plan with provisions related to human rights and employee rights throughout the contract period. They are also committed to reporting on the fulfillment of the requirements upon request from Brakar.

Ethical Requirements for the Supplier in the Contract Phase

Brakar considers ethical and responsible behavior to be very important values ​​in our business. The purpose of ethical requirements for suppliers is to ensure that everyone who supplies goods and services to Brakar has a correspondingly conscious and committed relationship with these values.

Brakar’s requirements for suppliers regarding decent working conditions and respect for human rights are part of the contract Brakar has with its suppliers. The requirements are formulated in the documents Action rules for Brakar’s suppliers. In addition suppliers are required to carry out due diligence assessments as described in the Transparency Act.

Due Diligence Assessments in Brakar

Brakar is working on mapping all existing suppliers, subcontractors, and business partners.

All businesses covered by the Transparency Act are obliged to carry out due diligence assessments in line with the OECD’s guidelines for multinational companies. We aim to gain an overview of internal affairs within our own organization, as well as to gain insight into and map supply chains and other business partners.

Once the mapping is complete, an analysis will be conducted to assess the level of risk regarding potential violations of fundamental human rights and decent working conditions among all suppliers, their supply chains, and other business partners. Such a risk analysis will provide Brakar with expertise that can help prioritize areas where the risk is highest. This will allow them to initiate further due diligence assessments within these areas.

Questions About the Transparency Act

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