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Price Tables

Brakar’s General Price Table 2024

The prices in the table apply when purchasing your ticket through the Brakar Billett, VY, or Entur apps. When purchasing on board or at one of our ticket outlets, you must pay an onboard extra fee of 20 NOK. For a season ticket on route 200, the extra fee is 100 NOK. There is no extra fee for children or seniors.
Adult City Ticket**25
Child/senior City Ticket**13
Adult Single42526383104125167193266323
Child/senior Single2126314152628393128155
24-hour Ticket ***x3x3x3x3x3x3x3x3x3x3
Season Ticket 30 days89099411401296164119852256238130493508
Season Ticket 7 days35639745651865679490295212201403
Season Ticket 365 days890099401139912960164101985022560238103049035080
Child/senior 30 days4454975706488219931128119115251754
Child/senior 7 days178198228259328397451476610701
Child/senior 365 days44504970570064808205992511280119051524517540
Student 30 days53459668477898511911354142918292105
Student 7 days214239273311393476541571731841
Youth Ticket 30 days352All zones
Youth Ticket 365 days3520All zones
Transfer bus/train 30 days*561all zones
Transfer bus/train 7 days*224all zones
Transfer bus/train 30 days student*337all zones
Transfer bus/train 7 days student*135all zones
*Using a transfer ticket between bus and train requires a season ticket with Vy. Using a transfer to Ruter requires a season ticket on either route 200 or 169.
** Valid in Buskerudbyen (Lier, Drammen, Øvre Eiker and Kongsberg)
*** The 24-hour ticket is calculated based on the price of three single tickets for the same number of zones you purchase. If you buy it for one zone, the price is calculated at the regular single ticket rate.

Route 200 Price Table from February 1st, 2024

Adult Single42106123134155181192192192192
Child/senior single21536167779096969696
30 day season ticket89099411401296164119262467246724672467
7 day season ticket356366376416506619814814814814
365 day season ticket890099401140012960164101926024670246702467024670
Child/senior 30 days4454975706488219631233123312331233
Child/senior 7 days178183188208253309407407407407
Child/senior 365 days44504970570064808205963011830118301183011830
Student/Youth 30 days53459668477898511561480148014801480
Student/Youth 7 days214220226250304371488488488488

Prices Svelvik-Verket 2024

Price table for Svelvik-Verket, valid from January 1st 2024. (Prices include 12% VAT and are based on payment through the FerryPay agreement or by invoice).

*These prices apply to vehicles registered in the Norwegian Vehicle Register with fuel code 5 (electric) and fuel code 6 (hydrogen). Zero-emission vehicles that are registered in foreign vehicle registers must pay the ordinary full price if the vehicle’s fuel class is not registered in its own routine. Registration is done at the chip issuer if you have a chip agreement or at if you do not have a chip agreement.

Length of vehicleOrdinaryElectric*
Up to 6,0 metres4733
6,01 – 8,0 metres10955
8,01 – 10 metres16281
10,01 – 12,5 metres210105
12,51 – 14,5 metres253127
14,51 – 17,5 metres314157
17,51 – 19,5 metres345173
19,51 – 22 metres391196
Over 22 metres430215
Other classes:
MC / Moped2412
Passengers, pedestrians and cyclistsFree
Cars up to 6 m and under 3501 kg with trailer: (boat-, horse- og regular trailer, and caravan)
Total length under 6 metres4724
Total length between 6,01 and 10,0 metres9448
Total length over 10,0 metres14172