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Picture of a customer handing a package to the bus driver.

Sending Letters or Packages by Bus

It is possible to send letters or packages by bus in Buskerud (does not apply if the route involves changing buses).

To send goods by bus, wrap the letter/package securely and write the recipient’s name on the outside. Go to the bus stop from which you wish to send your package, and pay the driver for the shipment.

Letters/packages are divided into the following categories:

LettersNOK 55,-
Package up to 1 kg: NOK 80,-
Package up to 10 kg: NOK 90,-
Package up to 30 kg:NOK 125,-

The receiver of the goods is obliged to meet the bus promptly to collect letters/packages. The bus will not be able to wait beyond the announced departure time.

If you frequently send goods by bus, you can purchase prepaid postage stamps. To do this, please email to place your order.