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The work has been delayed. New date for opening the bus stop is February 26th.

Please note that from March 4th, the departure on route 56 to Drammen via Gulskogen at 07:38 will again depart from Stenseth bus stop, not Eknes skole.

From Monday, October 2nd, Stenseth bus stop will be closed for a longer period of time due to upgrades.

The improvements are being made in preparation for Brakar’s introduction of articulated buses on the route. As part of the work, one lane will be closed, and traffic will be directed past Stenseth bus stop with traffic signals.

Many passengers use Stenseth as an interchange between bus routes 51 and 54. These passengers will now have to change buses at Ødegården Eknes.

For passengers on route 51 and 139, the nearest serviced stop to Stenseth will be Nedre Eiker kirke, while for route 54, the nearest stop will be Ødegården Eknes.

Route 56 to Drammen bus station via Gulskogen, departing from Stenseth at 07:38 on school days, will not operate during the autumn break. Starting from October 9th, it will start from Eknes skole at 07:38. The bus will also stop at Prestealleen and Ødegården Eknes before reaching Nedre Eiker kirke. Students transfering from route 54 must now transfer at Ødegården Eknes.