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Bilde av skolekort

School Cards

Students eligible for free school transportation will receive an electronic school card. This will be given out at the school they attend. The card is personal and cannot be lent to others.

Only valid on school days

  • The card can be used for 2 journeys per school day, with possible transfers according to regular transfer rules: one journey to school and one journey to the place of residence. If the student chooses to go home with a friend after school, it is allowed within the zone, but depends on capacity.
  • The card can be used between 06:00 and 17:00 (bus departure time).
  • The card is not valid for travel on weekends and school holidays.

The card must be scanned on the bus. This is done by holding the card over the ticket machine until a beep is heard. The card must not be pierced.

Students should keep the school card they have received even if they apply for a new school year or change schools.

Lost/Forgotten School Card

If you have lost or damaged your school card, inform the school immediately so that a new card can be ordered. The school will issue a temporary school card that is valid for two weeks. Normally, you should receive a new card within two weeks.

Students who have lost or damaged their school card may still ride the bus to school on the first day, but on the way home from school, the student must show the temporary school card.

For first-time issuance, school cards are free of charge. For ordering a new school card for students in high school, a fee of 250 NOK per card is charged.


School cards from Brakar with a sticker can be used on Ruter’s routes 251 and 261 to and from school, while school cards from Ruter can be used on Brakar’s buses.


Students with Brakar’s electronic school card can travel on Innlandstrafikk’s route 113 Hønefoss – Jevnaker. School cards from Innlandstrafikk can be used on Brakar’s route 221 Hønefoss – Jevnaker.


Students with Brakar’s school card can travel on VKT’s route 93 Svelvik Ferjeleie-Sande and route 96 Selvik skole-Sande-Drammen.

Students with VKT’s school card can use Brakar’s route 91 Berger-Svelvik-Drammen and 92 Svelvik-Mariås-Svelvik.