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Brakar City Bike

Brakar and Buskerudbyen have launched electric city bikes for rent. The bikes are available for rent in Kongsberg and Lier.

How to rent a bike:

  • Download the app Brakar Billett. Before using the app, you will need to register your phone number and payment card. You must be 16 years old to use the Brakar City Bike.
  • Choose the bike symbol in the footer bar in the app.
  • Unlock a bike. If you already have a valid bus ticket in the app, you can go ahead and unlock a bike. If you don’t have a bus ticket you will need to pay before you can unlock.
  • The rear light and the charging point of the available bike will light up in red. You will automatically be assigned the best bike.
  • When you are finished, park the bike at one of the locations in the map. If you place the bike in a charging station, the rental will automatically end. If the charging station is full, or you park the bike at a station without chargers, you will need to manually lock the bike and end the rental in the app.

Note that you can rent a bike for a maximum of twelve hours. The bikes are available to rent from06:00 til 00:00. You can pause the rental during your trip. To do so, you simply lock the bike in the app and unlock it again when you’re ready to continue cycling. Read more in our terms and conditions.

Don’t forget your helmet and ride safe!

  • Kongsberg knutepunkt (charging station)
  • Krona/rådhuset (charging station)
  • Kongsberg teknologipark  (charging station by the main entrance, the West entrance, Nedre Nord, and Maritime building 4 – all charging stations are located on the outside of the gates, accessible to everyone)
  • Skavanger (no charging station)
  • Magasinparken (no charging station)
  • Kongsgårdsmoen (no charging station)

Large map.

You can also find a map in the ticket app where you can see the locations of the bikes.

Other bicycle maps 

  • Lierbyen, by city hall (charging station)
  • Lier train station (charging station)
  • Kjellstad business park (charging station)
  • Lier high school (charging station)
  • Gullaug (no charging station)
  • Amtmannsvingen (no charging station)
  • Engersand (charging station)

Large map

You can also find a map in the ticket app where you can see the locations of the bikes.

Other bicycle maps 

Frequently Asked Questions

No, unfortunately, it is not possible. It works on a first-come, first-served basis.

The bikes are returned to their original charging station every evening. If there are no bikes available there, unfortunately, they are all rented out or located at another charging station. Please check again later.

The bike should be parked either at one of our charging stations or at one of the stations without a charging point (see the map).

If you park at a charging station, the rental will automatically end when you press the bike into place. If the charging station is full, or you park at one of the stations without a charging point, you must lock the bike and end the rental in the app.

For now, we are in the process of learning and gaining experience from the initial charging stations that have been set up. The goal is to establish more charging stations gradually. Initially, the focus has been on providing opportunities for cycling to and from train stations or transport hubs from business parks.

City bikes are currently only available in Kongsberg and Lier. It appears as a general option in our app and unfortunately cannot be restricted geographically at the moment.

On a fully charged bike, you should be able to cycle approximately 20 kilometers, but this may vary depending on usage, terrain (e.g., inclines), etc. Once you’ve rented a bike, you can check the remaining battery level in the app.

No, this service is only available in the Brakar Ticket app.

No, you can only have one rental per mobile phone at a time. The person who owns the phone is responsible for the bike they borrow. Therefore, we do not recommend lending your mobile phone to others to rent a bike.

If the bike is not taken out within 20-30 seconds, it will lock again. It will become available again very shortly (within 1 minute). You must then go back into the app and rent a new bike. If there are several bikes in the charging station, you will get one of the others. The rental period will not start until a bike is taken out of the charging station.

Yes, you can do that. In the app, you will find a “lock temporarily” button. When you press that, you need to manually pull the lock through the rear wheel. When you unlock it in the app again, the lock will automatically release.

Yes, you will be charged per minute until you end the rental and return the bike to a charging station.

Yes, you can check the rental duration and cost at any time in the app.

You secure the bike by placing the front wheel inside the charging station. The station has a sensor that informs the system that the bike has been returned. You will receive confirmation in the app on your phone, but you can also double-check that the bike is securely locked.

In that case, you should place it outside the charging station (no more than 10 metres away) and lock and end the rental in the app. If the bike is not placed correctly in the charging station or is unlocked when you leave it, you are liable for replacement if it gets stolen. Please call us at 177 if you encounter any problems.

Yes, you can, but you can only keep it for a maximum of twelve hours.

The rental will automatically end after 12 hours. You will be charged for 12 hours of usage (1 NOK per minute) plus a penalty fee for returning the bike outside the charging station (200 NOK).

No, there is only one seat and the bike is designed for use by one person at a time. If several people sit on the same bike, the weight distribution will be different from what the bike is designed for, and you risk damaging the wheels and motor.

Have you registered your bank card in the app? Even if you pay via Vipps, your card must be registered in the app before you rent a bike. If you still have problems, please call us at 177.

If the bike is unlocked when you leave it, you are liable for replacement if it gets stolen. You must immediately report the theft to Brakar. You are also required to cooperate with Brakar in filing a police report. You are also liable for replacement if the bike is lost or completely destroyed and thus unavailable to other customers. The bike’s value is approximately 25,000 NOK. We recommend that you contact Brakar as soon as you discover the incident.

The bikes are continuously checked and repaired. However, there may be a defective bike in the station. You are responsible for checking that the bike is intact and in a safe condition before using it. If the bike is defective, please report the issue in the app. You can also contact Brakar’s Customer Service Centre at 177.

Please call our Customer Service Centre at 177.

You are responsible for having enough battery power on your mobile phone to be able to unlock the bike if you have locked it. If you lose or get your mobile phone stolen while the bike is locked, please report it to Brakar’s Customer Service Centre at 177.

Brakar City Bike Terms and Conditions

Brakar City Bike Privacy Policy