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Passasjer med mobiltelefonen i hånden

Improving Accessibility for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Brakar has entered into a collaboration with Kogenta to develop a new technical solution that will make it easier for blind and visually impaired passengers to take the bus.

Currently, it can be challenging for blind and visually impaired individuals to signal the correct bus at the bus stop. Many bus routes share the same stops, making it difficult to differentiate between buses and other vehicles. This can also present challenges for the bus driver in identifying a blind or visually impaired person at the stop, as not everyone uses a white cane or a guide dog.

New Software

Brakar aims to ensure accessibility for all its passengers and has partnered with Kogenta to develop new software that will be integrated into the Brakar Billett app.

The software will enable passengers to choose which bus route they want to travel with and register this in the app. When the passenger is at the bus stop, the software will send a message to the selected bus, and the driver will be notified that a prioritised passenger is waiting at the marked bus stop. This way, the passenger can be sure to board the right bus, and the driver will be aware that someone requiring assistance is waiting.


Brakar has engaged in dialogue with the The Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted, Vy, and Consat to identify the essential elements to include in this software. The project is currently in a testing phase to ensure that the technological platform functions as intended and to gather valuable feedback from test passengers.

The solution being developed is designed to be scalable and extendable to passengers with other challenges, as well as those who require extra time for boarding and alighting.