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HentMeg bestillingstjeneste, Kongsberg


HentMeg was a pilot project that started in September 2019 and concluded in June 2023 when Brakar Fleks began as a regular service.

The aim of the project was to implement an on-demand service that would provide customers with a more flexible and accessible mobility service than the regular bus service. During the pilot project, it was expected that Brakar would gain valuable insights into how and where such a mobility solution could be used to increase customer satisfaction.

What sets HentMeg apart from a regular bus service is primarily:

  • User-initiated booking via phone or website
  • Individually tailored routes
  • Geographic limitations of the service to facilitate carpooling and coordination with other public transportation services
  • Same ticketing types and fares as regular bus services
  • HentMeg service outside of rush hours and regular bus services during rush hours
  • A backend system that plans for maximum carpooling and efficient routes.


In phase 1 (Sep 2019 – Dec 2020) of HentMeg in Kongsberg, the service was set up as “address-to-address” for the neighborhoods of Vibehaugen, Raumyr, and Kapermoen.

In phase 2 (from Jan 2021), the service was changed to “bus stop-to-bus stop.” The inner zone was expanded to include Gamlegrendåsen in the north. During rush hours, the buses operated as regular routes 405 and 407.

HentMeg is a concept owned by Kolumbus in Rogaland. The data systems are provided by the technology companies Geta and SpareLabs.

In June 2023, the HentMeg service changed its name to Brakar Fleks, and the service transitioned from a project to a part of Brakar’s regular services.