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From February 1st, there will be new prices for bus tickets on Brakar. In general, prices will increase by an average of 3.7 percent. This means an increase of 1 krone for adult single tickets and 39 kroner for a 30-day season ticket. The city ticket in the Buskerud municipalities will not be changed.

Brakar adjusts its prices every year on February 1st, and this year’s increase is in line with the wage and price growth in the municipal sector, which amounts to 3.7 percent. This is in accordance with Brakar’s agreement with its owner, Viken County Council.

“We are pleased that we have managed to keep the price increase at such a low level, and even lower than the price increases we see in society otherwise,” says CEO Terje Sundfjord.

1 NOK Increase for Single Tickets

For single tickets, the increase will be 1 NOK for adult tickets, making the price for one zone 40 NOK. There will be no change for children and senior citizens, as one zone will continue to cost 20 NOK. These are the same fares as Ruter in Oslo.

No Change for the City Ticket

The city ticket, which is valid in Lier, Drammen, Øvre Eiker, and Kongsberg, will remain unchanged. The price for a single adult ticket will be 25 NOK, and for children and senior citizens, 13 NOK.

The low prices in the Buskerudby area are financed through extra reward funds approved by the government in the autumn of 2019. 21 million NOK will be provided in 2023 to finance lower public transport prices.

Season Tickets

The price for a 30-day season ticket will increase by 39 NOK for adults, and the new price for one zone will be 853 NOK.

Youth Ticket

The price for the youth ticket will increas by 12 NOK, making the new price 338 NOK for 30 days. The youth ticket can be used until the age of 20.

“338 kroner is still a very favorable price, especially considering that it is valid in all zones and can also be used on local trains in Buskerud,” says Terje Sundfjord.

The youth ticket can also be purchased as an annual ticket, and the new price for this will be 3,380 NOK.

New Prices for Route 200

The prices for route 200 Hønefoss – Oslo will be adjusted in line with the wage and price growth in the municipal sector. The price for a single adult ticket will be increased by 5 NOK, and for children and senior citizens, it will be increased by 2 NOK. From Hønefoss to Oslo, the new price for adults will be 184 NOK, and for children and senior citizens, it will be 92 NOK. The price for a 30-day season ticket will be increased by 40 NOK.

Svelvik Ferry and City Bikes

There will be no price changes for the Svelvik-Verket ferry route or for renting Brakar’s electric city bikes in Kongsberg and Lier.

Price Tables for 2023

Prisene i tabellen gjelder ved kjøp i appene Brakar Billett, VY eller Entur. Ved kjøp om bord eller på et av våre billettutsalg må du betale ombordtillegg på 20 kroner. For periodebillett på linje 200 er dette tillegget 100 kroner. Det er ikke tillegg for barn eller honnør.

Oversikt over priser gjeldende fra 1. februar 2023.
ByBillett voksen**25
ByBillett barn/honnør**13
Barn og honnør2025304050608093128155
24-timer ***x3x3x3x3x3x3x3x3x3x3
Periode 30 dager85395310931243157319032163228329233363
Periode 7 dager34138143749762976186591311931345
Periode 365 dager853095301093012430157301903021630228302923033630
Barn og honnør 30 dager4274775476227879521082114214621682
Barn og honnør 7 dager171191219249315381433457597673
Barn og honnør 365 dager42654765546562157865951510815114151461516815
Student 30 dager51257265674694411421298137017542018
Brakar Ungdom338AlleSoner
Brakar Ungdom 365 dager3380AlleSoner
Overgang buss/tog 30 dager*532alle soner
Overgang buss/tog 7 dager*211alle soner
Overgang buss/tog 30 dager student*319alle soner
Overgang buss/tog 7 dager student*127alle soner

Linje 200 fra 1. februar 2023

Oversikt over prisene på linje 200 fra 1. februar 2023
Voksen enkeltbillett40102118128149174184184184184
Enkeltbillett barn og honnør20515964748792929292
Periode 30 dager85398310701230151518002365236523652365
Periode 7 dager277319347399492584768768768768
Periode 365 dager853098301070012300151501800023650236502365023650
Barn og honnør 30 dager4274925356157589001183118311831183
Barn og honnør 7 dager138160174200246292384384384384
Barn og honnør 365 dager42654915535061507575900011830118301183011830
Student 30 dager51259064273890910801419141914191419
Ungdomsbillett 30 dager51259064273890910801419141914191419
Ungdomsbillett 7 dager166192208240295351461461461461
Overgang Ruter 30 dager6871sone
Overgang Ruter 7 dager2281sone