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Are you a fan of skiing, either cross-country or downhill? We’ll take you to the hills and trails.

Check departure times in the Brakar Reise or Entur app. You can find our timetables here.

On weekends, we offer a family discount. This means that as a paying adult or senior, you can bring up to four children under 18 years old for free on the bus.


  • Konnerud/Mjøndalsskauen: Take route 24 to Tveten at Konnerud. Walk further past Dalen parking, and you will arrive at the trail network in Konnerud and Mjøndalen.
  • Skimore Drammen: Take route 3 to Turheisen. Here, you can go downhill skiing or snowboarding. Alternatively, you can bring your cross-country skis to the top of the lift and go towards Tverken and continue down to Sturlahuset, where you can take route 14 or 61 back to the city.
  • Årbogen: Take route 54 to Ulevannsveien. At Årbogen, you will find a nice network of ski trails suitable for both children and adults.


  • Heia: Take route 71 to Ringveien Hoppbakken. Walk to Heia and take the bus back from Avstikkeren.
  • Kanada: Take route 63 to Kanada. From here, there are plenty of great trails in Finnemarka. You can walk to places like Eiksetra, or all the way to Aronsbakken, where you can take route 3 back home from Turheisen.
  • Gjellebekk/ROS-hytta: Take route 71 or 169 to Liertoppen shopping centre. From Gjellebekk, you can walk to destinations like ROS-hytta and take the bus back from Avstikkeren at Lierskogen.


  • Skimore Kongsberg: Take a trip to Kongsberg ski hill with Brakar Fleks and try downhill skiing or snowboarding. It’s possible to rent ski equipment, and the children’s slope is free.


  • Sørsetra: Take route 200 to Sollihøgda nedre. From here, you can go on a nice round trip to Sørsetra.


  • Hallingskarvet/Hardangervidda: Take route 334 to Haugastøl tourist centre. Here, you are right between Hallingskarvet and Hardangervidda National Park, a great starting point for a ski trip.
  • Hallingskarvet: Take route 335 from Geilo to Hallingskarvet ski centre. Take the lift up and start your ski trip at the top.
  • Dagalifjell: Take route 420 to Vasstulan. Here, you can access the trail network at Dagalifjell.