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Places to go swimming

Are you looking for a nice spot to go swimming? Buskerud has a lot of great lakes, beaches and pools that are accessible by bus.

Why not explore and find a new favourite swimming spot? We’ll take you there.

You can check departure times in the Brakar Reise or Entur app. Timetables can be found here.

On weekends, as a paying adult or senior, you can bring up to four children under 18 years old for free on the bus.

And remember, if you are under 20 years old and have our youth ticket, you can use it on all routes throughout Buskerud, including route 169 to Oslo. The ticket can also be used within Buskerud on route 200.


  • Gamledammen: Hike up Kjøsterudjuvet and take a refreshing swim in Gamledammen at the top. If you’re there when the ski lift is running, you can hitch a ride down. Take route 3 to Turheisen.
  • Bragernes Beach: Close to the city centre, you’ll find nice swimming opportunities by the river. Take the bus to Drammen city centre and take a short walk down to the bank by the brewery.
  • Åssiden River Park: A wonderful little park with a small shallow beach suitable for children. Take route 3, 5, 51, 100, or 101 to Vårveien.
  • Vannverksdammen: A dammed lake in Konnerud, great for swimming. Restrooms are available on-site. Take route 22 or 24 to Lønnerud.
  • Stordammen: A large recreational area in Konnerud with diving tower, and restrooms. Take route 24 to Kirkelunden or Konnerud skole.
  • Nøstodden: A nice small beach by the Drammen fjord. Narrow sandy beach with a forest behind. Take route 91 to Svelvikveien 101.
  • Sota Fjordpark: Spacious park with a beach. Restrooms are open during the summer. Take route 91 to Nøsted bruk.
  • Steglevannet: A large forest lake near Kinnerud in Konnerud. Take route 24 to SIF-hytta.
  • Blektjern: A nice spot for swimming with a grassy area, diving board, and floating dock. Take route 15 to Huldreveien.


  • Gilhusodden Beach: A large recreational area by the Drammen fjord with a nice and shallow sandy beach, grassy area, and a sand volleyball court. The area is accessible for wheelchair users, and there are restrooms available. Take route 73, 251, or 261 to Husebygata.
  • Svangstrand: A beautiful area with lawns and a beach at the innermost part of Holsfjorden in Sylling. There’s a sand volleyball court, floating dock, and restrooms. Take route 63 to Sylling skole.
  • Damtjern: A nice, child-friendly spot with a floating dock and restrooms at the top of Lierbakkene. Take route 73 to Damtjern.


  • Tangen Fjordpark: A nice small sandy beach on the west side of the Drammen Fjord, with good opportunities for ball games and sunbathing on a large grass area. Take route 91 to Tangen Fjordpark.
  • Sand, Berger: Get off the bus at Sand, near a small shop where you can buy ice cream and soft drinks. The gravel road leads to a beautiful shallow sandy beach, where the coastal path also starts, and you can walk all the way to Bjerkøya passing several beautiful beaches on the way. Take route 91 to Sand.
  • Skjæra: Nice rocks by the water just north of Svelvik town centre. Take route 91 to Svelvik ferry terminal and a short walk (about 15 minutes) from there.
  • Stikkern Beach: An idyllic swimming spot on rocks in the Berger bay. There’s a floating dock and an outdoor toilet. Take route 91 to Berger skole.
  • Verksøya: A nice beach with a sandy area and grass lawn. Restrooms are available at the ferry terminal. Take route 91 to Svelvik ferry terminal, and then take the ferry to Verket (5 minute). The ferry is free for pedestrians and cyclists.

Øvre and Nedre Eiker:

  • Årbogen, Krokstadelva: A great lake by the woods, suitable for children of all ages. There’s a sand volleyball court and a small kiosk. Take route 54 to Ulevannsveien.
  • Sundhaugen is a peninsula in the strait between Eikern and Fiskumvannet. A great swimming spot with grills, showers, a handicap-accessible bathing dock, and a restaurant. Take route 119 to Sundet.


  • Jondalsdammen: A nice dammed lake north of Kongsberg. It has a floating dock, barbecue facilities, a playground, benches, and restrooms. Take route 420 to Jondalskrysset.
  • Passebekkdammen: A cozy swimming pond with a diving board, playground, table tennis, sand volleyball, restrooms, and barbecue facilities. Take route 430 to Passebekk store.
  • Saggrendadammen: A dammed swimming pond with a sandy beach, water toys, ball net, barbecue facilities, a playground, benches, and restrooms. Universally accessible. Take route 409 to Saggrenda dam.
  • Kjennerudvannet: A wonderful forest lake with water toys, campfire spots, benches, and restrooms. Take Brakar Fleks to Rudshøgda.


  • Onsakervika Camping: A beautiful beach by Tyrifjorden with a sand volleyball court and a floating dock. Possibility to rent paddle boats, canoes, and SUP boards. Take route 211 to Onsakervika.
  • Schjongslund/City Beach: The City Beach in Storelva, Hønefoss, located right by the city centre. Has a beach volleyball court and exercise equipment. Take the bus to Hønefoss city centre.
  • Røssholmstranda: A beautiful sandy beach at the northern end of Tyrifjorden. It has shallow water, making it suitable for families with children. There’s beach volleyball, restrooms, and a café. Take route 100 or 101 to Snyta.
  • Utvika Camping: A beach by Tyrifjorden with a volleyball court, diving board, water trampoline, playground, and the possibility to rent canoes. Take route 210X Brakar Fleks to Utvika (must be booked in advance).
  • Høyenhallstranda: A nice swimming spot at Steinsfjorden with a sandy beach and a dock. Take route 200 to Høyenhall E16.
  • Randsfjord Activity Park: The largest floating water park in Northern Europe. It’s recommended to pre-purchase tickets. Take route 113 Innlandstrafikk to Hadeland glassverk (Brakar ticket can be used).


  • Mobrua Beach: Just outside Gol city centre, you’ll find a great beach suitable for the whole family. It has a sand volleyball court, park area, and restrooms. Take route 330 to Gol Næringspark.
  • Hallingstampen Outdoor Pool: An outdoor pool in Gol. Take route 330 to Gol Camping.
  • Geilo Beach, by Ustedalsfjorden: A nice sandy beach with beach volleyball and restrooms. Take route 334 to Gullsteinvegen. Operates on request during the summer.
  • Torpo: Here, you can swim in fresh river water in the Hallingdal River. There’s a beach, barbecue facilities, tables, a floating dock, and a diving board. Take route 330 to Lienkrysset.
  • Hemsedal Beach: Great beach and swimming opportunities in the river that runs through the centre of Hemsedal. Take route 360 to Trøim sentrum.
  • The River Park, Nesbyen: A nice swimming spot by the Hallingdal River, right by Nesbyen tourist office. Take route 330 to Thoen Hotell.
  • Trytetjern, Nesbyen: A popular swimming spot with a bathing dock, water trampoline, sand volleyball court, rental boats, barbecue facilities, restrooms, and an outdoor shower. Take route 330 to Nesbyen, then a nice walk or bike ride up to Trytetjern.


  • Kadettangen: A large grassy beach area by the Oslo fjord in Sandvika. Has a diving tower, and a kiosk. Take route 169 to Bærum rådhus or route 200 to Sandvika bus terminal.