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Hiking tips

Do you enjoy hiking? Here are some great hiking tips all around Buskerud. And we’re happy to take you part of the way by bus.

Check the bus schedules in the Brakar Reise or Entur app, or in our timetables.

During weekends, if you are over 18, you can bring up to four children under 18 for free on the bus with you.

Welcome aboard!


Knabben/Solbergvarden/Top 7 Tour: Route 54 to Langløkka. Walk to Bjørkedokk and follow the trail up towards Knabben. From Knabben, you can continue to Solbergvarden, Hoggskollen, Nerdammen, and optionally complete the entire Top 7 Tour, which ends at Spiralen in Drammen.

Kjøsterudjuvet: Take route 3 to Turheisen. From there, it’s a short walk to the start of Kjøsterudjuvet, which takes you up to Gamledammen through an exciting canyon landscape. If there is a lot of water in the canyon and you want to stay dry, you can either walk along the upper edge of the canyon or walk up the ski hill.

Grytjern, Dammyrtjern, and Ertekollen: Take route 53 to Åsendammen and walk towards Grytjern, Ertekollen, and Dammyrtjern. If you want a longer hike, you can continue towards Portåsen.

Pukerudlinna: Have you tried Pukerudlinna, a steep hill about 900 meters long? Take route 52 to Pukerud stasjon and get your heart rate up climbing the hill!

Blektjern and Haukåstoppen: Take route 22 or 24 to Konnerudsenteret and walk from Svensedammen. Follow the trail about 3.4 km up to Blektjern. From there, you can continue to Haukåstoppen, the highest point in the Strømsåsen area, offering a beautiful view over Drammen. You can descend to Drafnkollen and take Route 3 back to the city center. From Svensedammen, you can also take the hike to Hyllåsen, where you’ll find the geographical midpoint of Drammen.

Landfalltjern, Tverken, Goliaten, Tverråsen: Take route 14 to Underlia snuplass. From there, you can hike to Landfalltjern and continue up to Tverken, Goliaten, and Tverråsen. It’s a great terrain to hike with beautiful views from Tverråsen.

Zik-Zakken and Spiralen: Want a slightly shorter trip? Take the bus to Bragernes torg and walk up Zik-Zakken to Spiralen. It’s a nice walk up to a great viewpoint overlooking Drammen.

Nordbykollen: Take route 5 to Tors vei snuplass and start your hike from there. This is a nice and family-friendly round trip of about 3.3 km. The trail is a gravel forest road all the way, suitable for strollers and bicycles.

Årbogen-Lauvtjern: Take route 54 to Ulevannsveien. From Årbogen, follow the trail to Lauvtjern in Hokksund. It’s a great round trip. The entire hike is about 9 km if you return to Årbogen. Alternatively, from Lauvtjern, you can descend to Lerbergkrysset and take route 100 back.


Bike trip from Lierbyen to Sylling: Take Route 61 or 71 to Lierbyen. Bring your bike or rent Brakar’s electric city bike and enjoy a cycling trip along the old railway track to Sylling. It’s a beautiful trip through stunning nature!

Solbergfossen: Take route 63 to Kanada. Cross Vestsideveien and follow the signs to the trail. It’s downhill all the way to the waterfall, but be careful as it can be slippery.

Gjevlekollen-Knausen: Take route 63 to Kanada. Follow Vestsideveien for a short distance to Delekant, where you’ll find the marked trail. From here, hike up to Skjærsvannet and continue to Gjevlekollen and Knausen. For a longer hike, you can go all the way to Sagaveien and Eiksetra.

Asdølsjuvet: Route 62 to Asdøl. Follow Ringeriksveien to the entrance of the canyon. This is a very nice hike with beautiful scenery. Be aware that if there’s a lot of water, it might be challenging to hike the entire canyon.

Glasåsen and Kraftkollen: Take route 71 or 72 to Ringveien Hoppbakken. This hike starts from the Kraftkollen parking lot, about 400 m from the bus stop. It’s a relatively short summit hike, but quite steep and moderately demanding. From the top, you’ll have a great view of Drammen and Lierdalen. Continue the hike towards Kraftkollen, where you’ll get views in multiple directions.

Oldtidsveien from Gullaug to Slemmestad: Take route 251 or 261 (Ruter) to Gullaugkleiv and follow this ancient route that connects Drammensfjorden and Oslofjorden. On this trip, you’ll find a lot of history, including old settlements, burial sites, and other cultural heritage. The hike is about 15 km one way.


Svelvik coastal hike: Take route 91 to Sand in Berger and follow the trail along the coast. The path takes you through both forests and along cliffs and beaches. Perfect for a sunny day!

Ebbestadvannet: Route 92 to Markveien. The trail to Ebbestadvannet starts from the parking lot right by the bus stop. It’s a gravel road all the way to the lake, making it suitable for strollers and wheelchairs. From the lake, you can continue hiking along marked trails.


Kjerratenstien in Åsa: Route 211 or 212 to Åsa. Kjerraten is a cultural heritage site that transported timber up the hillside at Krokskogen. Along the Kjerraten trail, you’ll see reconstructed water wheels and channels used for transporting timber. The trail leads to Damtjern, and from there, you can continue to Storflåtan.

Tiurtoppen and Djevelens punsjebolle: Route 211 or 212 to Vegård. Follow the marked trail up to Tiurtoppen. From the top, you’ll have a magnificent view of Steinsfjorden. You can continue from the top to the Djevelens punsjebolle waterfall.

Lerbergseter: Take route 100 or 101 to Ringerike Montessori. Follow Aklangveien from Ask up to Aklangen and further to Lerbergsetra. Here you’ll find a DNT cabin.


Storåsrunden, Beckerkjøkkenet, Rundetjern, Babrokollen: Take Brakar Fleks to the ski hill. Walk to the parking lot at the end of Funkelia and head right towards Persløkka. Follow the signs to Storåsrunden. Along the way, you can take a detour to Beckerkjøkkenet, offering a great view and a good place for a rest. The entire round trip is about 4 km. If you prefer a slightly longer hike, instead of following signs to Storåsrunden, follow signs to Rundetjern and Barbrokollen.

Langevannstoppen: Take Brakar Fleks to Raumyr skole. Follow the trail behind the school into the forest. Then, turn left onto Raumyrganga and walk up to Fauleplass. Once you reach the top, follow the trail to the viewpoint. From here, you can see Jonsknuten, Gaustatoppen, Blefjell, Skrim, and Lågen. On your way down, you can visit Langevann.

Tangentjern, Haus Gabelåsen: Route 401 to Kongsberg idrettshall. The hike starts to the left of the ski jump in Idrettsparken. Follow the signs towards Tangentjern. The highest point of the hike is Haus Gabelåsen (430 meters above sea level). Follow the blue markers up there. You can also reach Tangentjern from Dyrgravveien. In that case, take route 401 to Lindbojordet.

Middle of Buskerud

Haglebunatten or Bergshammeren: Take route 105 to Haglebu Turistheim. The trails to both peaks start at Haglebu Feriesenter and go uphill in quite steep terrain. At the top, you’ll enjoy a fantastic view, including Gaustatoppen and Hallingskarvet.

Tempelseter, Eggedal: Route 105 to Eggedal sentrum. The hike to Tempelseter starts in Eggedal sentrum. The highest point on the trip is Istjern, at an elevation of 948 meters above sea level. At Tempelseter, you can buy drinks and snacks at the lodge.

Vikersundbakken: Have you tried the stair trip in Vikersundbakken? Here, you can get a good workout climbing 1078 steps. Take route 104 or 106 to Heggen, or walk from Vikersund sentrum.

Øya in Vikersund: An easy hike on the island Øya in Tyrifjorden, right by Vikersund sentrum. The trail is well-adapted for strollers and wheelchairs. Take route 100 or 101 to Vikersund sentrum.

Modum hike: This hike follows the watercourse from Vikersund via Geithus to Åmot and is suitable for all, with no steep sections and opportunities for a swim on hot days. Take route 100 or 101 to Vikersund or Åmot.

Furumoløypene, Modum: Take route 100 or 101 to Bråtabakken Geithus and follow the road to Furumo swimming hall. Here, you can choose between three different rounds of 3 km, 5 km, and 8.5 km. The trails are well-suited for everyone, including those with strollers.


Rødungsberget, Ål: Route 336 to Slakteplassen in Ål. Walk to Rødungstøl Høyfjellshotell and follow the trail behind the hotel. Rødungsberget is located at an altitude of 1248 meters and offers magnificent views.

Vardehovda, Ål: Route 336 to Slakteplassen. Walk to Bergsjø Høyfjellsleiligheter, and at the lake, enter the trail and follow it through easy terrain. It’s a nice hike of about 3.3 km one way. From the top, you can see Hallingskarvet and Reineskarvet.

Hellingstølen in Ål: Route 339 to Ål Bygdemuseum. Follow the marked trail from the museum. This is a nice round trip through beautiful cultural landscape, with great viewpoints, benches, and information boards. If you want a slightly longer hike, you can continue up to Damtjørne.

Grovgardane, Fagerdalen, Ursdalnayten, and Nestedokk: Route 320, 330, or 332 to Rotneim Jordet. From Ursdalnatten, you’ll have a great view of Tuppeskogen and Gol sentrum.

Lisbetnuten, Gol: This is the most visited viewpoint overlooking Gol sentrum. Take the bus to Gol skysstasjon and start the hike near the community center.

Rudsåsen and Klevarudnatten in Nesbyen: Take the bus to Nesbyen station and hike up at the top of the residential area Østenforskogen, where the hike begins. This is a moderately demanding hike, with a 600-meter elevation gain. But at the top, a fantastic view awaits.

Espesetstien, Bakkeberget, and Dypedokknatten: Take the bus to Nesbyen sentrum. Walk up to Hallingdal museum and follow the old walkway up towards Espesetgrenda. At the top of the trail, you can take a detour towards Bakkeberget or Dypedokknatten, both offering great viewpoints.

Ustetind, Geilo: Route 334 to Tuftelia. This is a nice day trip that takes about 7 hours in total. The hike starts at Tuftebrua and goes steeply uphill. You’ll be rewarded with a fantastic view over Ustedalen.

Skurdalsåsen, Geilo: Route 333 or 420 to Vestlia boligfelt. Follow Stølsvegen past the equestrian center until the trail branches off to the right towards Bruslettstølen. This is an easy and nice round trip of about 12 km.

Trøimsbøttn: This is a nice hike of about 4 km in the valley between Kyrkjebønøse and Skurvefjell in Hemsedal. Take route 360, 362, or 363 to Trøim sentrum and hike up Trøimsvegen behind the tourist office. The hike can be extended by returning towards Fekjastølatn to Ulsåk.