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Two people riding on Brakar's City Bike at Kongsberg knutepunkt.

Terms and conditions for Brakar City Bikes

When you use a Brakar’s Electric City Bike, you also enter into an agreement with Brakar that is subject to the following terms and conditions for purchase, use and privacy:

1. Purchase

1.1 You must register a valid payment card and mobile phone number in the Brakar Ticket app in order to rent an electric city bike.

1.2 You will have no right of cancellation, and must consent to the fulfilment of this agreement by both parties, such that the right of cancellation for distance selling does not apply. For more information, see the Act Relating to the Duty of Disclosure and the Right to Cancel Distance Contracts and Off-premises Sales (the Cancellation Act), (implementation of Directive 2011/83/EU on Consumer Rights, Chapter 1, Article 2).

1.3 Your phone number will be stored for two weeks after use before it will be deleted, unless you have breached the agreement.

2. Use

2.1 You have a responsibility to comply with traffic rules, show consideration for other road users, and use a helmet. Should you injure yourself or others through your use of an electric city bike, you will be held personally liable.

2.2 You are personally responsible for the bicycle until you place it in a charging station or lock it outside a charging station, thereby concluding the rental period. As you are personally responsible, we do not recommend loaning the bike to anyone else.

2.3 You are responsible for ensuring that your phone battery has sufficient power to unlock the bike if you have locked it. If you lose your phone or it is stolen while the bike is locked, you must report this to Brakar’s Customer Service Centre.

2.4 The bicycles are regularly checked and repaired. However, you may still encounter a defective bike at the charging station. You are responsible for checking to see whether the bike is intact and in good condition before use. Please contact Brakar’s customer service centre if you discover damage to the electric city bike that you have rented.

2.5 You may collect a bike from a charging station once you have a valid Brakar ticket. Chose an electric city bike from the menu. You may have the bike for a maximum of twelve hours.

2.5.1 Prices:

  • With an active Brakar Ticket:15 NOK to unlock, which includes 10 minutes of cycling. (Single, child, senior, period or youth card).
  • Without Brakar Ticket: 25 NOK to unlock, which includes 10 minutes of cycling. Thereafter 1 NOK per minute.

This service is not available in Vy or Entur apps.

2.5.2 The bikes are not available for rent between midnight and 6 am. You can however return a bike during this period.

2.6 Electric city bikes must not be used or transported outside Brakar’s operating area.

2.7. 2.7. When you return an electric city bike, you must place it in one of the charging stations or lock it securely outside a charging station if the station is full, but no further than 10 metres from a charging station. If you leave the bike somewhere other than this, you will be charged an additional fee of 200 NOK.

Secure the bicycle by setting the front wheel inside the charging station. This has a small sensor that tells the system that the bike has been returned. You will then receive a confirmation in your mobile app. However, it would also be wise to verify that the bike is actually locked. If you take the bike home with you, make sure to place it where it’s easily accessible for pickup, so we can transport it back to the charging station. If it’s not possible for us to pick up the bike you will be charged 800 NOK per day it’s inaccessible.

If the bike has not been placed in the charging station correctly, or if you leave it unlocked, you will be liable for damages if it is stolen. Theft must be immediately reported to Brakar. You also have a duty to cooperate with Brakar in filing a police report.

Contact our Customer Service Centre on phone 177 or send an email to Reckless handling of the bike can result in being barred from further use of the service.

2.8 You, or your legal guardians can be held liable according to the Damages and Compensation Act, for damages if the bicycle has been lost, stolen or wrecked, and therefore not available to other customers. The value of the bicycle is approx. 25,000 NOK. Reckless handling of the bike will be met with a fee of 5000 NOK. Brakar also reserve the right to claim compensation for lost use of the bike.

2.9 You must be at least 16 years old to rent an electric city bike. Children between 12 and 15 can use the bike in company with their legal guardians.

3 Resale

3.1 Resale of this service is prohibited.

Brakar City Bike Privacy Policy